Outdoor Cooking
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1. Power: 48W
2. Volume: 6L
3. Input voltage: 12V (vehicle type) or 220V, 12V (home car dual purpose)
4. Fuse specifications: 10A
5. Warming temperature: temperature to 65ºC
6. Cooling temperature: lower than the ambient temperature of 20ºC


1. Indoor and outdoor use - Portable and easy to carry
2. Butane gas-powered
3. Auto drip pan shut-off device
4. Comes with a hard plastic carry case
5. Fuel consumption: 0.15 kg/hour
6. Ignition switch - Controlling the fire and ignite
7. Mutual safety lock - The gas cylinder cannot be locked to the valve if the switch turns on
8. Aluminium burner - Advance casting technologu make the perfect burner
9. Assembled with piezoelectric ignition - more convenient to ignite
10. Pan supporter, enamel drip tray and wind shield assembled to one unit - Easy to clean
11. Valve - double sealed valve with over-pressure and gas leak prevention
12. Fuel consumption: 0.15 kg/hour